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Doug updates on album 2 progress from behind the Tin Spirits drum kit.

April 9th, 2013 by WebMaster

The band’s summer tour is only a few weeks away now (see here). Ahead of that, we have the 3rd update on the recording of the new album, this time from than band’s amazing drummer, Doug Mussard…



WebMaster: How much fun are you having recording another album? Does it feel different to when you were doing the first one?

Doug: Recording the new material has been a real pleasure. I can’t wait for people to hear it because there are some great tracks on this record. It feels completely different to Wired To Earth. We’ve approached this album carefully and not rushed it at all. I think that because we had such kind reviews and interest in what were doing, we thought we need to take more time crafting the songs.

WebMaster: How do you feel about the progress that’s been made so far?
Doug: I’d say that progress on the album has been slower than we would have wanted, but sometimes it’s better just to take your time and get it right.


WebMaster: How much has the band recorded?
Doug: I’d say we’re about 75% there at the moment…


WebMaster: Is there a track or part that you’re particularly excited about?
Doug: I’m excited about the track “Summer Now”. I’d say recording it has been one of the most enjoyable moments so far. It was just put down live with us all in the same room – similar to early Tin Spirits material. The experience was joyous and we’ve tried to capture that vibe within our recording. I’m also very excited about the longer songs – they’re shaping up nicely.



WebMaster: Has there been any particular moment during the writing/recording that you’re not going to forget?
Doug: There are some things I try to forget, ha ha – like my drumming slips during new arrangements. Because we recorded most of our rehearsals on little digital recorders, I can’t disguise my blunders; they are stored on SD cards and I play them back to myself like a form of punishment. It’s all good fun though.


WebMaster: How do you think the new album is going to compare to the last one? Do you think it will be recognisable to fans of the first album, or is it likely to be quite different?
Doug: I’m really proud of the first record, Wired To Earth. It has some great moments, and I like how it captures a very similar atmosphere and sound to our live shows. At the back of our minds, we’ve always had to keep thing about how our studio sound can be translated on stage; so we’ve kept it to guitars, drums and vocals. It’s very easy to over produce things. I am really excited about the new songs. Our sound is evolving all the time but I believe we still have our own sound collectively as a band.


WebMaster: What gear have you been using mostly so far?
Doug: I’ve been using a Gretsch USA Custom with various snares, some old and new Zildjian cymbals with some effect cymbals sprinkled in too. It hasn’t taken that long to get a drum sound on each visit to the studio. Studio time is precious to us so we make sure we do our homework before we record.



WebMaster: Which part of the entire writing-recording-polishing process do you think you enjoy the most?
Doug: Personally, I enjoy the development of the songs during the writing process. Although all processes are equally important, the mastering process determines the overall sound of a record. I wasn’t at the last mastering session on Wired to Earth, but the transformation was dramatic when I first heard it back.


WebMaster: When do you think you’ll be happy to say the album’s done and release it?
Doug: We have set ourselves a date of around September. But we still have some work to do…


Keep checking back – there’ll be a final pre summer tour update from Mark coming up shortly…