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The story so far….

August 13th, 2012 by Mark

Hi folks

So to kick things off, here are some details about where we are so far.2 songs are pretty much written and drums tracks were recorded a few weeks ago with our producer, engineer, mixer, comedy genius Mitch.
Doug, as always did a steller job



The first track (“Old Hands”) we’ve played live a few times.
This started off life as an idea Dan had which Dave added slide guitar to. I had an idea for a chorus melody pretty much instantly and we built it up basically from there. The middle section came about from a cool drum pattern young Douglas had.
Dan went in to the studio last week and recorded some guitars which are sounding great.

Track 2 is a longer piece made up of a number of sections. This one started off life as a demo I sent round and in true Tin Spirits fashion was ripped to pieces and put back together by the 4 of us.
Just to give you an idea it started off at 9 minutes. We took about 3 minutes off it and then added 8 minutes. Prog innit!

So moving on there’s lots to be done but lots of great ideas floating around.
Currently working on 4 strong ideas including 2 great Dave compositions one of which may serve as an intro to something big. :)

More on those as they take shape!!!


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Back in the studio…

August 12th, 2012 by Dan

Hey everybody, Dan here. We’re working very hard on the follow up to our debut album ‘Wired to Earth’. We’ll keep you up to date with all the studio shenanigans as they happen here in the album diary.



I spent this week with our producer Mitch Keen, laying down some guitar tracks on a song that we have performed live a couple times ‘Old Hands’. The Tele was the main guitar on this track, with a small section at the outro where i got to record my Flying V for the first time, and a brief classical flurry to finish. This was the first time i’ve ever recorded any classical nylon string, lots of fun. Think this track is going to be a corker!

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